“I only did as I’d be done by. You laugh at me when I say I want to be a lady, but I mean a true gentlewoman in mind and manners, and I try to do it as far as I know how. I can’t explain exactly, but I want to be above the little meannesses and follies and faults that spoil so many women.”

(Little Women)


I look forward to Tuesdays every week for the precise reason that Cassie and I get to go out again for – you guessed it – coffee! Today we tried out Jolly’s Cookies and Cafe, a more recent addition to our home town. The interior of the cafe was beautifully decorated: a burnt-sienna tin ceiling, brick walls, yellow accent colors and a barn-wood floor. Cassie found us a nice seat right in the window where we enjoyed our mocha and caramel macchiato, respectively.

We were very tempted as we gazed in the display case… there were at least six different kinds of cookies, and at least eight different cakes, scones, and muffins. We both decided on the brownie cheesecake, because if you’re going to take a caloric plunge, you might as well do it off a diving board.


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