Coffee Connoisseurs: Booking It!


Connie and I went to Charlevoix to buy books, not coffee.

The used book sale at the library came across my desk in an advertisement at the newspaper office where I work. I hollered across my desk to Connie and we decided to go to the sale and see what we could find.

When we first walked up to the portico, there were a bunch of half-ripped romance novels set out on the front. Is this it? I thought, indiscriminately flipping over covers adorned with wardrobe malfunctions and lion-maned men. Just then several women scurried out the front door with plastic bags full of books. “Let’s go that way!” We said to each other. Voila!

I came out with an entire box of books at the end of it – six for gifts, two for myself, six for crafts, and two for Laney.

Gift Books

You’ll be seeing a lot of new ideas on here thanks to these!

My next reads!


Connie and I loved Sadie & Jake’s interior – complete with couches and newspapers!

We found the leopard couch very exotic.

For the office?


Our iced latte and Sadie’s mocha…mmmm!