“‘Stay’ is a charming word in a friend’s vocabulary.” -Louisa May Alcott


The Grand Traverse Pie Company is spitting distance from my work at the newspaper.

I’ve never tried, but I might someday.

Tuesday this week I was smart enough to bring an umbrella – the only thing I didn’t forget – and it’s a good thing I didn’t forget, because as I stepped out the door, I found myself drenched in a veritable wall of water. As I puddled my way across the parking lot, drenching both my feet since I couldn’t see out from under my inside-out umbrella (so why bring it? It’s the thought that counts.) I was excited as usual for Cassie and my weekly catch-up!

I decided on a skim milk caramel latte. You heard right: skim.

In this house, that’s one of the three four letter ‘s’ words. Skim, snow, and, well… the four letter ‘s’ word.

But I am endeavoring to cut back in places I normally deem sacred, and this time it wasn’t too much of a sacrifice. The latte was delicious! Although the rain continued to pour in torrents unparalleled since the monsoons of New Mexico, Cassie and I enjoyed a nice talk on the little couches by the window where we could keep an eye on our little town and all its happenings.

Sometimes simplicity is the best part of life!

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