Coffee Connoisseurs: Irish Cowboys


‘”Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.”  That’s by Unknown. Actually, it’s not unknown, I just can’t remember who said it.”   – Maureen

IMG_0001We were very proud of ourselves for having visited every coffee shop in Petoskey. We felt very much that we were connoisseurs of the coffee experience – until we realized that on our limited lunch breaks we were now stymied in our endeavor to try more shops in the area.

“Did we really go to every one in Petoskey?” I asked incredulously, wracking my brain for some hole in the wall, unheard-of hang out for drug dealers and poets.

“What about American Spoon? We haven’t gone there. I don’t think I’ve ever been inside.” Offered Maureen.

So we tried it – and lo and behold, it was one of the best shops we’ve been to thus far. It is expensive, so that explains it. The environment is bright and welcoming, pristine and refreshing – there are even little flowers on each table (and since flowers are my love language this meant a whole lot to me!). The staff was very kind and waited on us promptly (never mind that we were the only ones in there).

I ordered caramel-cafe something and Maureen chose a macchiato. Unlike the macchiatos of Starbucks or even Jolly’s, where we went a month ago, this one came in a cup small enough for barely a gulp. Our server set it on the table carefully. “It’s two shots of espresso with some milk frothed on top,” he explained. I looked at Maureen. “You’re going to be hopping by afternoon!” “I know,” she smiled.

Later on I received this wall post on Facebook:

“On my way to somewhere I’m taking an Adventure with my Best friend! I’m bringing my Camera and COFFEE, Cowboy boots…. and we will Dance and Eat Food visit the Grand canyon do a Hoedown with some ,Irish boys 😛 to some Josh turner Music ,Killin time sipping on our ,Latte’s and ,Mocha’s while talking about things written in my ,Notebook,So!!!!,Phylicia Delta Duran!!!!, then we are going to have to plan a Quick trip to a Rodeo…Stirring up some dirt in our Thunderbird, U and me and the Vinyl seats ,We are going to have the time of our lives as we find what the X on the treasure map is …then me and You will Zip on back home and start a new Adventure =D”

By the time we got it straightened out I thought she was talking about Irish cowboys and she explained that she’d listed our favorite things in alphabetical order – but in her haste, skipped ‘O’.

So here it is: “…sipping our Lattes and Mochas while talking about things written in your Notebook eating Oreos!”

That’s what coffee does to us… and we love it.