Coffee Connoisseurs: Julienned!


I found out what the secret to life is: friends. Best friends.  – Fried Green Tomatoes


I marched through six inches of damp, slushy snow to the little shop on Howard Street. The bells of St. Francis were chiming a slow, melancholy gong that echoed the depressing climate. Spring is always too good to be true in Michigan. In one night, our greening landscape became another white wilderness, coated in eight to ten inches of winter all over again. To make matters worse, the snow brought with it a cold not limited to the outdoors – one that had made a home in my nose, which is stuffed up to my frontal lobe. I was looking forward to my coffee date with Cassie to put it out of my mind.

Julienne Tomatoes is a popular coffee shop in a narrow brick building that once housed a textile mill. The decorations are unique and homey, all with a country theme and red accents. The staff are very friendly and get to know their regular customers – and there are a lot of them! The shop was packed at noon when we arrived. We got a little table by the wall to chat and people watch before heading back out into the cold.

We each got a regular coffee – a special blend made in Montana called… Moose Drool. How delectable. It was very smooth, actually really good… not sure it’s comparable to moose drool, but I’m certainly not heading to Marquette to find out!