Coffee Connoisseurs: Local Flavor


Coffee, Chocolate, Men… some things are better rich!

004Well, we did it. We sacked Petoskey of its coffee contents. We pillaged cupcakes and stuck our fingers in every pie we could get our hands on. Now onto a new town.

Since both Maureen and I work in town Petoskey, that would of course be the most convenient place to meet, but we are the Marco Polo type and adventure runs in our veins along with caffeine. Boyne City is only 15 minutes from the paper, so we figured 15 minutes out, 30 minutes in Boyne, and 15 minutes back – that’s an hour. (Good math, right?) Besides, we’d have talk time in the car, and that’s the most important part.

Local Flavor is a long, narrow bookstore and coffee shop right on one of the main streets downtown. Boyne City sits right on the eastern edge of Lake Charlevoix with the Boyne River running through it. It’s a beautiful town and Maureen knows it well since she lives very close to it. We were able to dash into Local Flavor and order our respective drinks – me, a chocolate cherry mocha, and Maureen, an Irish Creme latte. Delicious!

The building had a tin ceiling, which I love, and all across the walls were signs like the one pictured below. This one spoke to my heart with great sincerity:

003I wish I could live life like that.

I would be in a constant state of amusement!