“A bosom friend, a really Kindred spirit.”   – Anne of Green Gables


Nothing brings people together like coffee.

There’s something about the smell that just makes me warm inside. I love the creamy brown of it, the deep black turned to beige when I pour in the cream, or the foamy bubbles on the edge of a vanilla latte.

What could be better than finding someone else who loves those bubbles too?

My friend Cassie and I meet every Tuesday lunch in town – convenient to both of our jobs – to chat about small town life and the many things (well, everything!) we have in common. So we decided to add a shot of espresso to our girl-dates by visiting a new coffee shop each Tuesday. There are several within walking distance of my office, so it’s a great way to get together and try something new!

Today we went to Horizon Books, a local bookstore, where we both bought tall, creamy mochas and scones. Then we sat by the window in the sunshine and talked about everything from rent to Wyoming to PBR. What a refreshing stop in the middle of the day – better than any shot of caffeine!


Cassie enjoying her blueberry scone!

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