Coffee Connoisseurs: Roast and Toast


The very first time Maureen and I met it was here at Roast & Toast, an eclectic and popular downtown coffee shop. Now all these weeks later we realized that on our first outing, we hadn’t taken a picture of our Roast & Toast meeting – when we discovered all the things we have in common and went through all these months of coffee exploration!

Maureen wore her Roast & Toast glasses.

She works at the coffee shop now and knows exactly what drinks are good! I tried a Construction Zone – more like the Destruction Zone of hazelnut and peanut butter. Carbed me right out and I was sick the rest of the day! Maureen tried a Goldeneye that looked like it was pretty tasty!

Roast & Toast is attractive to a wide variety of people due to its unique nature. The decorating style is what I would call garage-punk, bohemian, and contemporary – all mixed together. We found the same corner booth we met in waiting for us all these months later!

That wasn’t the first coffee fix I’d had that day, however… (surprised, anyone?). That morning I made a Spiced Viennese coffee, the last recipe I was able to make before returning the coffee recipe book to the library:


After all this experimentation, however, I think I have found my ultimate coffee combination:

– 2 cups brewed Mexican coffee

– 1 Tb. brown sugar

– pinch each pumpkin pie spice and nutmeg

– 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

– 2 Tbs. hot chocolate mix

– 1 slice orange peel