Like any week, I was looking forward to my coffee date. It is the highlight of my hectic work day: I almost felt guilty as I left the newsroom, intentionally mentally abandoning the pressing deadlines I would confront again within an hour. For these few minutes I could put them out of my mind… call me irresponsible, but it was a magnificent irresponsibility!

As soon as I walked outside into the cool sunshine there was Maureen, as lovely as usual,  holding an entire bouquet of beautiful, real, orange daisies, arranged with care in a coffee mug.  What a wonderful lunchtime surprise – I was just hoping for flowers to brighten up my desk in the midst of the construction site-office! I set the bouquet in my car while we walked down the street to the Twisted Olive, a new, high-end coffee shop in Petoskey, and the last one on our list to visit within the city limits.

The delectable desserts behind the glass beckoned to us with evil intent, especially a chocolate temptation seductively labeled, “Chocolate Indulgence”. “I insist on paying,” said Maureen, in the tone that any woman recognizes as beyond argument. We decided on two mochas and the chocolate decadence, which Maureen ordered while I went to sit by the window. A few minutes later she rejoined me, followed by the waitress, who set before us the warm chocolate dessert topped with strawberries and raspberries, complete with two forks. To my surprise it was accompanied by an enormous glass mug of mocha engraved with:


Coffee Connoisseur


Maureen had a matching one for herself. “How – what- when…” I sputtered, wondering how she had ordered the Twisted Olive to engrave two beer mugs on such short notice. Maureen laughed. “I  ordered them the other day,” she explained. “I had to look up your blog to spell ‘connoisseur’.” (I have to look it up in the dictionary every time I type it on here)

But this amazing girl wasn’t done… As we chatted, sipped from our mugs, and nibbled on the chocolate and strawberry, she suddenly produced a little gift bag complete with a hand-made card. If I wasn’t overwhelmed at first, I certainly was now! Inside the bag was a box of Belgian truffles, and inside the pink, feminine card was an adorable cowboy boot. In her epitome-of-a-lady fashion, she had penned sweet birthday wishes in perfect handwriting.

She thought of everything! That, my readers, is a lady.


The lovely lady and her own mug commemorating our coffee connoisseur adventures.


Something to lighten the list of to-dos on my desktop!  My favorite thing to receive is flowers. What a way to brighten my day!

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