I walked into the library, right up to Gerald the librarian.

“What is this about my library card expiring June 30th?” I asked, not a little miffed. He peered at me through his round glasses. “I can’t help anyone wearing blue and maize.”

I looked at my University of Michigan shirt and back at Gerald.

“Now listen here, though, I need to know why my township has suddenly excluded me from the library.” Gerald looked disdainful, as I expected he would since his township pays its library dues and mine, apparently, does not. He cleared his throat, casting one more glance at the U of M logo emblazoned on my shirt before answering in crisp tones, “When a township does not pay its dues to the library unfortunately the residents get shafted by being unable to have a card without paying a yearly fee of $90. Or you can use your township library.” The last part was said with a bit of a snicker, since our township’s library is only a fraction the size of this one.

I sighed. “So how long do I have till I need a new card?” Gerald peered at his computer with great knowledge. “You have until June 30th. After that you need interlibrary loan through your township library -” There was that look again… ” – or you can buy a card here.”

I handed him my dying right to the world of books and he scanned it with a flourish, then went to fetch my books.

So if I am going to go out of the library with a bang, what books would I rent? You got it: COFFEE BOOKS.

I have two: Coffee Basics, by Kevin Knox, and The Top 100 Coffee Recipes by Mary Ward. The latter is my favorite so far, although the former one is very informative and fills in the gaps for me between tree and coffee cup. I know a lot more than I did before!

So, as indicated in my Sunday post, I tried out the Cafe Mexicana and Cafe Europa recipes – both superb – and then also tried those pictured below.


Coffee Grog pictured above – the ‘grog’ is brown sugar, butter, and spices.


This was a Mediterranean coffee – my favorite so far, brewed with spices and orange/lemon rind.

And many more to come before the June 30th deadline!

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