Coffee in K-Zoo


Adrienne and I had the most fabulous weekend downstate enjoying all the amenities of the ‘big city’ (big to me, coming from Small Town USA). She of course made sure that we checked out one of the top coffee shops in Kalamazoo – Water Street Coffee Roasters. It was tiny shop perched on a peninsula between two streets – and the coffee was wonderful.

I tried a Mocha Del Sol, which was essentially your basic mocha (espresso, chocolate syrup, milk, whipped cream) with cayenne pepper added. Spicy! Adrienne bought an iced white chocolate mocha. Our lunches were a barbeque pork bun (Adrienne) and Italian Torte (me).

Water street had a lot of options for different roasts. They even had an organic Mexican and Kenya AA… so tempting!

Cute handmade mugs!

Adrienne and I attempting to get the sign in the picture… If my afro weren’t in the way, we might have made it.

What an appropriate mural!

Even the Kalamazoo Museum was in cahoots!

By the barrel, Adrienne?

An old fashioned coffee grinder. Isn’t it pretty?

Okay, so McDonald’s ‘large’ iced coffee – $2.00 – I figured on being like a Venti at Starbucks. Not so. I certainly got my money’s worth – and caramel is a good flavor, by the way. It kept me driving all the way back from K-zoo!