I am super excited, and it’s not because I had three cups of Mexican coffee.

It’s because I get to see the gorgeous blonde up there TODAY!!

I’m headed downstate to go connoisseuring with her and enjoying all the sights in her hometown of Kalamazoo. For non-Michiganders – yes, it does exist.

The last time we saw each other was in January when that picture was taken, so I am jumping with glee not only to see Adrienne, but to see the city and maybe try a genuine Kalamazoo coffee. Why not try to conquer all of Michigan in my connoisseur experiences? What stops me other than time and money?

Donations accepted, by the way.

On the roster of events we’ve added a Kalamazoo downtown trip, possible Sound of Music performance, the Kindleberger Fest (I think I spelled that right… close enough, it’s German) and the ever-essential coffee. I’m so glad I have a friend who is almost as much of an addict as myself.



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