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Phylicia Masonheimer

Know what you believe and live it boldly! Phylicia Masonheimer believes that every woman should be a theologian and a student of the heart of God. Learn the basics of theology and why it’s so important, continuing your biblical education one step at a time. Discover how deeper scriptural knowledge can help you navigate the world, answer your toughest questions, and engage culture
in loving ways.

All of us have guiding principles
at work behind our choices.

Even if we don’t realize it.

We hold beliefs about the world, ourselves, and God—beliefs perhaps we may have adopted unknowingly based on experience or cultures messages.

But God has revealed himself through Scripture so it can transform how we view and navigate the
world—how we think, act, love, work, marry, and parent.

When we do that, we become theologians. No, we’re not wearing tweed suits or giving lectures; we’re driving to our corporate job every morning, or juggling babies on our own, or connecting with our communities. We’re women want to know who God is and how He answers our toughest questions.

Through engaging stories and compelling truths, Every Woman a Theologian will help you:

  • Identify your existing beliefs about God, salvation, and the Christian life
  • Learn how to lovingly communicate Christian truths to those who disagree
  • Understand theological concepts without feeling overwhelmed
  • Grow closer to the heart of God—Believing and following Jesus means daily forward motion into the heart of God.

Step in that direction with Phylicia Masonheimer as your guide, and you will grow as a woman able to discern truth, who knows what she believes, and who lives her faith boldly in a post-Christian world.

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About the Author

Phylicia Masonheimer

Phylicia Masonheimer is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, and host of the Verity podcast. Her blog and shop, Every Woman a Theologian, exists to teach Christians how to know what they believe and live that out boldly. Because theology touches every area of life, you’ll see content on everything from baptism to motherhood to marriage! She lives in Michigan with her husband and three children.

Don’t forget

The companion workbook that helps you take Christian theology from head knowledge to heart change.

This workbook provides the space and guidance to process your understanding of theology. It is a companion study guide to Phylicia Masonheimer’s book of the same title. Discover sound, solid, and biblical truth about who God is and why He matters to your daily life. Each week of study will include:


  • The Concept: A story illustrating how the theology plays out in daily life: Why should I trust the Bible to tell me anything about God?
  • The What: A short history of each theological concepts development, and how it was drawn
    from Scripture.
  • The Why: Why does theology matter to my daily life? What happens if we don’t hold to it? Who is impacted? What changes when my theology changes?
  • The How: Applying our theology is just as important as understanding where it came from and why we believe it. Here is where the rubber meets the road in Christian life!
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