Though I’ve advertised this on Facebook and Instagram for a while now, some readers might be unaware of the podcast I co-host with Lisa at Delighting in My Days! Uniquely Woman is a podcast for women of all ages and walks of life. It is where Lisa and I discuss topics relevant to womanhood, from the practical (meal planning, habit forming) to the spiritual (marital roles, purity, and Bible study).

From now on I will be embedding the episode in a blog post, but you can also listen in iTunes by searching “Uniquely Woman” in the podcast section. Leave rating and review – that helps us reach more listeners!

Episode 19: Questions for Goal Setting

This week Lisa and I are sharing questions you should ask before you start setting goals- especially if you are stuck on starting. We’re also sharing questions to consider after setting some goals to make sure these goals will work with your life.

Pre goal setting:

  1. What work has God already put in front of you? Start there.
  2. What areas are you gifted in? Do the next step.
  3. What’s on your heart that you can’t shake? For example, Phylicia was already exploring the idea of starting a podcast when I approached her about co-hosting this one. Explore those ideas.

After-goal setting:

  1. When am I going to work on this?
  2. What resources do I have?
  3. What accountability can I build in?

In other words, is this goal reasonable for my life in this season?

Lisa divides goals into three categories: personal, family, and work. I use Powersheets and set no more than ten for the year.

What would you like to hear Lisa and I discuss on the podcast? Feel free to suggest topics in the comments and peruse the other topics we’ve covered in the iTunes list!


Photo Credit: Autumn Duran(c)

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