How we talk sex – between friends, children, spouses, or to ourselves – has a huge impact on our view of sexuality. In fact, how we talk about sex actually changes how we behave toward and in our sexuality! That’s why today’s episode of Uniquely Woman (the podcast I co-host with my dear friend Lisa Hensley) takes a deep dive into this topic.

Lisa asked me what to name the episode and I just couldn’t resist this title. But literally, we are talking about how we talk about sex and why it matters.

Show Notes

How we talk about sex matters because it:

  1. Reflects on our witness
  2. Teaches children how to view sex
  3. Changes our attitude toward sex
  4. Alters our actions

Resources mentioned:

Sex Chat for Christian Wives (podcast) hosted by the following bloggers:

The Forgiven Wife


Hot Holy & Humorous

Calm Healthy Sexy

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