When I join a church, I always hope to fit in, meet people, and find a way to serve.

In every church I’ve been actively involved in through the years, somehow I always end up assisting in refreshments. I don’t know why that is. Could it be my fascination with food and coffee? ‘Refresh others and you yourself will be refreshed’? That’s a biblical principle; maybe it’s my favorite, that’s a possibility.

It shouldn’t take a college education to make coffee, but apparently my communications classes didn’t teach me how to persuade 100-cup pots to percolate, nor did my theology classes train me in praying coffee to a strength satisfactory to our large congregation. I guess it’s supposed to be common sense. I can hear God saying, Yes, dear, that one’s up to you.

But look at these babies. This is no Mr. Coffee or Hamilton Beach:

I call them Jekyll and Hyde; although, neither of them cooperate, so perhaps Thing 1 and Thing 2 is more appropriate. It seems every time we tried to get these things to percolate, something inevitably has to go wrong. The first Sunday, we didn’t start early enough so it wasn’t ready. The second time, there was no reasonable explanation for the strange white substance coming out of the pots. The final time, someone (an unknown congregant) did not turn on the coffee pot.

Folks, when the ‘on’ button is not ‘on’, coffee doesn’t brew. Funny how that is!

But the last two times we’ve done it, we got smart. And once we got smart, then we got it pretty. Priorities, you know.


See – doilies! It makes the occasion so special; just gives the refreshments that Martha Stewart touch.

When all the work is done, we make sure we’re pleasant enough to meet the congregation by taking certain measures:


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