How to Plan Meals Effectively


Meal planning is a form of service to our families. It might seem insignificant, but it’s the chief way I keep to a budget (approximately $280 a month for Paleo/gluten free for three people) and provide healthy, delicious meals for the family.

In this week’s listener Q+A on Uniquely Woman, we tackle how we Lisa and I handle meal planning. (Just for context, Lisa has a family of 6, I have a family of almost 4.) Our meal planning strategies have changed some over the years but it still saves the evening witching hour.

Here are some ideas for menu planning:

-make a list of easy to cook, easy to modify meals and cycle through those
-repeat the same breakfast and lunches
-keep a pinterest board of new recipes and try one a week
-start food prep earlier in the day
-pick a time to prep food for the week
-pack your lunches if you’re regularly gone at mealtime

There’s not one right way to meal plan. Just find something that works!

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