Monthly Coffee Subscription- $28/Mo

Join me for my coffee subscription club and let’s have coffee together! Not only do you get a mug and bag of coffee your first month, but each month you’ll get a bag of freshly roasted coffee, and access to a special group call with me where we’ll discuss theology, answer questions, and more!


  • Month 1: Mug + Coffee + Exclusive Group Call
  • Month 2+: Coffee + Exclusive Group Call
  • The Coffee is a roasty-toasty blend of Ethiopian, Colombian, and Guatemalan coffees– an early morning blend to go with your deeper dive into the book of Revelation.
  • Close to a dark profile with rich caramel, velvety taste, and fire roasted marshmallow.
  • Ethiopia / Columbia / Guatemala
  • Natural / Washed
  • 2050 – 2200 Meters, 1200 – 2000 Meters
  • Freshly roasted, date on bottom of bag
  • Whole bean
  • 12oz

A Note From Phy:

I’m so excited to be able to offer our first subscription at Every Woman a Theologian, primarily because it allows me more personal time to connect with you! I’m really looking forward to our group coffee chats and Tag Coffee hooking us up with a great roast!

Care Directions

Handcrafted dinnerware takes a little more TLC to extend the life of your dishes. Our ceramic products are microwave and dishwasher safe, with just a few stipulations. Do not place over direct heat. Avoid extreme temperature changes and high heats. We recommend caution with oven use: place ceramic piece in cool oven and bring up to temperature with the oven, no higher than 400°F.

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