Normal is Sacred Sticker


Based on Phy’s poem, “Normal.” “In a tender place the dawn glows blue dousing snow in cobalt swathes until wings beat sun above the woods and all that lived in dark is lost. The music of this breaking morning is scraping stools and stumbling feet; the croak, reluctant coffee pot; the sizzle, iron over heat. We make the day while sun is shining our work below, it journeys lonely observing on its steady path what we call normal—God calls holy.”

• 1.63 X 2.15
• High quality
• Fade free for up to 5 years
• Printed in the USA
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Why Buy at Every Woman a Theologian?

Beautiful sticker and great reminder, supporting the ministry of Every Woman a Theologian. What’s not to love?

On backorder–please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

 Behind the design with Phy:

Capture the sacred beauty of everyday moments with my ‘The Normal is Sacred’ sticker. Inspired by the rhythm of daily life, it celebrates the simple acts of cooking, cleaning, and gathering around the table. Stick it on your water bottle or laptop to remind yourself that amidst the mundane, there is profound holiness. Embrace the ordinary and find joy in the sacredness of each moment.

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