Theologian Blend Coffee


A blend of Ethiopian, Colombian, and Brazilian coffees. Hints of brownie, roasted pecan, and mulling spices. sweet reminder of the time of the season. 

• Castillo / Columbia / Cattura 
• Natural / Washed
• 2050 – 2200 Meters, 1200 – 2000 Meters
• Freshly roasted, date on bottom of bag
• Whole Bean
• Caffeinated
• 12oz

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A Note From Phy:

I drink Tag regularly, not only because it’s great, freshly roasted coffee, but because I support their mission. Tag Coffee donates 50% of their profits to local children’s shelters. Every child deserves a healthy and nurturing environment in which to grow and play. This is why we’ve named our company after the timeless childhood game of tag. Every purchase provides much-needed resources to care for these children when they have been removed from their homes. Follow them on Instagram!

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