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Only available at Every Woman a Theologian—this book, formerly, “Christian Cosmo” is a candid look at sex from a scriptural standpoint.

Vintage Christian Cosmo

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This book copy was the original version of, “The Sex Talk You Never Had,” released way back in the day. The content is great, just not as refined and expanded like the new book. This is a found stash of 46 person copies Phy had misplaced 🙂

This book is the sex talk many girls never get

If you grew up in a church or home that was silent on the topic of sex, you may have been driven to cultural sources to learn what sex is and how to relate to your sexual identity. Unsure what is biblical and what is cultural, many women come to dating and marriage misunderstanding their own sexuality: hating their bodies, fearing sex, or driven by unchecked sexual desire. But what if we could learn about sex from the perspective of a loving, gracious God?

This book is the sex talk many women never had. In it, Phylicia answers sexual questions from a scriptural standpoint. By reframing sex for the single girl (or the married woman who needs to rebuild her view of sexuality) she will lay the foundation for God-honoring marriages and end the stigma on female sexuality.

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A Note From Phy:

I created this book because I believe every woman deserves a healthy and godly perspective on sex. Growing up, I realized that many girls, including myself, never received the sex talk in a way that aligns with our faith. We were left to navigate this important aspect of life through cultural sources, often leading to confusion, shame, and misunderstanding. It’s time to change that narrative.


In this book, I provide answers to common sexual questions from a scriptural standpoint. Whether you’re single or married, my goal is to help you view sex through the lens of a loving and gracious God. By doing so, we can lay the foundation for God-honoring marriages and break the stigma surrounding female sexuality. It’s time to embrace a healthier and more informed perspective on this crucial topic.

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