With a religion degree and multiple posts about theology, I believe it helpful to provide a statement of beliefs to clarify my theological background. I was raised in a charismatic church, but have attended Baptist, Presbyterian, Calvary and Pentecostal churches. I currently attend a nondenominational church in northern Michigan. My degree is from Liberty University, one of the few Christian colleges in the nation that still stands by its doctrinal statement.

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I believe that the world was created by God in six, literal days, that mankind did not evolve, but was created by God with the purpose of having a relationship with Him.

I believe that through the sin of Adam, the father of all mankind, we are all born with a sinful nature and are in need of restoration to God.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who is Triune: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I believe that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for my sin, and that by His blood I am redeemed from my sinful nature and have inherited eternal life with Him after death.  This gift of redemption is offered to ALL who come to Christ willing to admit their own sin and accept His blood as covering for it, believing in their heart that He is Lord, and beginning a relationship with Him.

I believe that God, in His sovereignty, chose to allow man a free will. By this free will man may either respond to the call of the Holy Spirit to salvation, or he may reject that call. If he rejects the Holy Spirit unto death (blasphemy of the Holy Spirit) he has committed the “unforgivable sin” which leads to eternal separation from God. Those who God calls and who respond to God’s call through the use of their God-given free will are the elect.

I stand by believer’s baptism (baptism after confession of faith, v. infant baptism), which is a symbol of the completed work of Christ. It is not necessary FOR salvation, but is a public testimony OF salvation.

I believe in the work of the Holy Spirit as the Comforter and Counselor. The Spirit is God’s presence on earth, active in every believer. While I believe in the proper and orderly use of tongues in the church, I do not believe tongues are required of every believer, but that they are a spiritual gift some will exercise and others will not.

I believe it is necessary for a Christian to read the Word of God, which is the Holy Bible, containing both the Old and New Testaments, in order to maintain a relationship with her Creator and to live a life worthy of her calling.  I also believe prayer is necessary to the Christian walk and that God does hear the cry of His people.  Prayer is perhaps the most important aspect of the Christian’s life, drawing us into communion with a Holy God who loves us and wants a relationship with us!

At a young age I committed, as a Christian woman, to preserve my heart and my body for my future husband (who I married in 2014) through my dedication to purity of heart, mind and body.  Out of this dedication I made the decision at thirteen not to date until I graduated high school, focusing instead on my academic, social and extracurricular studies.  After high school my relationship with God was of primary importance, and when I entered into a relationship with a man it was with defined goals and standards.  While my own dating relationships (both with my husband and the men before him) have been flawed and had their failures, I hope my writing is transparent about those difficulties and how they can be overcome to achieve a relationship that glorifies God and puts the world to shame.

I believe that modesty is an important and often overlooked priority in the life of women who claim to follow Christ. My stance concerning modesty is written to and applies only to Christian women. Modesty is a reflection of and an action of the heart; a heart transformed by Christ. Posts concerning modesty are written to encourage my fellow Christian women to take into consideration the very spiritual discipline of dressing ourselves in a way that honors God and the men around us, encouraging them, in turn, to honor us as women.

I believe it is necessary for a Christian’s growth to be involved in a church, fellowshipping with other believers and being fed the Word of God with authority on a weekly basis.  Ministry and service should also be high on the priority list of a Christian woman, turning her focus outside herself and onto others.

Ultimately, I believe that life is to be lived to the glory and magnification of Jesus Christ, and that every day is to be spent learning how to better love and serve Him.  He has given us a purpose on this earth and a hope in heaven. This blog is, in part, intended to proclaim this hope to others in the world.

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