You are Made
in His Image

Summer 2021

 A Note from Phy:

I’m so excited for this summer shop, because it embodies so many different aspects of Christianity and daily life. Not only is our theme of, “Made in His Image” an opportunity for reflection on how we look and feel, it’s also a great conversation starter on the topics of who we are, spiritually, and physically, and how we related to each other. I’m so glad you’re joining me here.

Theologian T-Shirt
Future Theologian Kids' Tee
Where is Jesus Children's Book
Image Earrings
See God in Others Tank
Image Earrings


See God in Others


InTroducing a New Shirt Provider

I’ve always tried to provide clothing that is ethically produced, because people matter so much to Every Woman a Theologian– with the summer shop, we’ve started sourcing three new shirts in unique styles from Known Supply Company. You’ll notice that each shirt is accompanied by the signature of the person who made it– look for more details on the product pages to see how you can learn more about the exact person who made your garment!

Every Tribe Fitted Crew
Summer Mornings Candle


My first candle for the shop!

Theologian Blend Coffee


Coffee of the year!

A New Paperback Book from Phylicia!

I’ve seen firsthand how much fear and anxiety believers experience regarding eschatology (end times theology). This bible study will walk you through Revelation and educate you on the different eschatological viewpoints – without jamming one particular view down your throat.

To do this, I focused on a very simple format. Rather than tell you what to think, I invite you to answer questions about the text and think critically on your own. I can’t wait to study with you!

I Hope You’re Excited!

This is one of my favorite shops that we’ve ever done, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all of our new products. Thank you for your support!

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