With the holiday coming up (tomorrow!) I knew I wouldn’t have much time to blog, and I still have some emails waiting to be answered in my inbox. Since Wednesday is my video day anyway, it worked out to answer some of the top questions right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

There were so many questions from the Facebook party last night and in my email inbox that I wanted to answer, but I narrowed it down to three:

1. How do we know if what we are doing is truly God’s direction? How do we know we aren’t just mimicking the others or copying what we read in a book? How do we discern God’s will?

2. How can a woman affirm  and encourage the man in her life, and is it ever appropriate to be a man’s accountability partner?

3. How do you balance being content where God has you while also preparing for marriage?

Many of these questions have nooks and crannies I don’t have the time to get into in one video, and I hope to blog about those at some point. But for now, here’s 13 minutes of me talking to you instead of to Mr. M (he thanks you).








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