I didn’t put a lot of effort in today, gals… in writing or on my face. (Thanks, Youtube, for picking that shot as the cover for this video.)

I already took off my face for tonight, so bear with the constellated complexion in this video, as well as the coconut oil sheen. It’s quite charming.

I decided to do a quick video for you all (based on feedback from readers!) answering some of the top questions I received via email this week:

  • Is kissing my boyfriend wrong?
  • Is it possible to be content and still hope for a relationship?
  • Will a good man want me if I have given part of my heart/body away?
  • Is there anything non sexual that can make the wedding night less awkward?
  • How can I express my love and affection in a relationship without crossing lines?

Have a blessed evening!



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