What Modesty Is Not

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This week on Uniquely Woman, Lisa and I are tackling the subject of modesty. This very controversial subject actually launched my blog to fame in 2013 with my post “5 Myths About Modesty“. There is much confusion over how to honor God with our dress in today’s society – but Lisa and my take on modesty, and what it is and is not, may surprise some readers (especially those who were angered by my post).

The first thing we discuss is why we both hate the word “modesty” and the words we prefer instead. Then we move right on to four reasons modesty matters:

-how we dress should reflect that we are set apart
-we are dressing the temple of God
-dressing well is a form of self-respect
-how we dress reflects our heart toward God

And we also chat about three things modesty is not:

-it’s not a safeguard for men’s purity
-it’s not a list of rules
-it’s not a measuring stick for other women

Then to round out the episode we discuss how we are preparing to discuss this volatile issue with our kids since Lisa has all boys and Phylicia only has girls.

We also give a special shoutout to one of our favorite marriage/sex bloggers Sheila Gregoire! Listen below or in iTunes (Apple) or Stitcher (Android) and don’t forget to subscribe!

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