Fear is a faith issue grounded in lack of trust, which decreases with spiritual maturity.


This week on Uniquely Woman, Lisa and I are tackling the topic of fear. We discuss why fear is a faith issue, why you’ll need to do things scared, how your personality type affects your reaction to fear, and how pride is connected to fear. And, of course, we wrap it up with some practical suggestions to help you live fearlessly.

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  1. Fear is a faith issue.
    • grounded in lack of trust
    • decreases with spiritual maturity
    • is a normal problem
    • There is no grace for imagination
  2. The first step is scary. And sometimes the second one is too.
    • do it scared
    • do something every day that scares you
    • don’t base decisions on fear
  3. Facing your fears
    • limit fear-causing input
    • take your thoughts captive
    • ask “what’s the worst that can happen?”
    • memorize verses on fear

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