He Restores
All Things

Winter 2021

After the prophet Malachi ended the Old Testament, God was silent for 400 years…

During this important pause, God’s people waited in expectation, crying out,
“oh come, oh come, Emmanuel!” as nations rose and fell.

The Persians, the Greeks…

Egyptians, and Syrians…



And then came Jesus—the Son of God, the restoration of all things. Salvation for the hurting world was born.

We usually think of Jesus’ arrival as an interruption to the brokenness of the world, but Jesus’ arrival is a restoration of God’s perfect creation. It is not a starting point for a second plan, but God’s exclamation point—His 400-year statement that all will be made right through His Son.

Here He lies, God made lowly, humbled in a dirty stable—human, weak, and cold.

Let Us
Welcome Him

He Restores All Things – Winter 2021

 A Note from Phy:

Friends, Jesus is at work restoring all things now– He is at work restoring your heart, teaching your mind, and interceding for you before the Father. This year has been filled with beautiful products that it’s been absolutely amazing to be able to make for you, and I hope have ministered to you! Please enjoy these winter offerings, as you get ready to celebrate Jesus with your families.

Essential Oil Candle


All Things Necklace


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Travel Duffle


All Things Long Sleeve Tee


Come and See Crew neck Sweat


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