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Come let us wonder together, oh come let us adore Him, but let us come expectant, knowing He has done great things, and is doing great things among us now.

Verity Home is the home goods line from Every Woman a Theologian, providing you with high quality goods for true hospitality. Through Verity Home, the spring collection has released three new posters for your decor and to encourage your walk with Jesus.

Children are a blessing from God, and we believe that teaching them about Jesus is the best way to love them! Faithful Kids is our discipleship line of resources that are easy to use for parents and super fun for kids!



The Risk of Falling Back in Love

I want to be jealous. I look around at other couples and make up stories in my head – their life wasn’t as hard, their losses not so grievous, their betrayal not so deep. I think, we had it worse. But that’s a lie, because everyone born into this imperfect world is touched by that imperfection. We all carry hurts and we all pass through trials – some are just less visible than others. What we do in those trials, and who we become (the plural “we” of marriage) has the power to be a witness to this wasting world.

Live a Bold, Gracious Faith

Live a Bold, Gracious Faith

I travel a lot as a Bible teacher. I've been to all kinds of conventions, conferences, and women's retreats. Usually the goal of these events is something along the lines of "encouragement in Christ" - which is a great goal, something I hope all women gain from gospel...

If You Don’t “Get” The Holy Spirit…

If You Don’t “Get” The Holy Spirit…

When I was a kid the Holy Spirit was that dispensable, confusing, and honestly, boring member of the Trinity who none of us really understood. God made sense. Jesus seemed nice. But the Spirit? We didn't know what to do with Him. When I look at church culture today,...

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