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Summer '24
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The List

A list, crumpled and coffee-stained lies

next to the lunch dishes half-checked;

a census of hours spent on obscure

tasks, boomeranging back in the whir

of weekdays. “Do you get weary of it,

the repeating mundanity?”

I don’t.

Is it that lists are proof I’ve lived something good

in those hours—not the “good” of Instagram,

but the good of open mouth baby kisses and

lisping questions and crooked J’s? Or maybe

it’s the smell of rising dough and rush of outside cold,

the scrolling purr of scooter wheels, the flicker

of fireplace and candle flame, the tinny ping

of piano keys? They are all there, every day,

on the list. Yet they are new, as if it were

first step, kiss, loaf, lisp, candle, song.

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