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From Bible study basics to sex and relationships, these books were written for you.

5 solid ebooks and counting.

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Theology Basics: 4 Week Course– $169.99

The Theology Basics course is a four-week, fundamentals of Christian theology intro class. It is limited in class size and made up of four live Zoom calls with me to go over fundamental doctrines of Christianity, answer questions, and discuss perspectives.

Writing & Leadership 4 Week Course– $169.99

In this course we will be talking about things like fine-tuning your voice and writing style, social media stewardship, tone and communication, and teaching the Bible with integrity.


Biblical Productivity for Every Girl– $98

Too many productivity books and courses center on simply doing MORE. My course teaches you how to do LESS – but do it intentionally. The Driven Women Productivity Course is a grace-based, biblical approach to time management.

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