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The Verity podcast is hosted by author, speaker and public theologian Phylicia Masonheimer. Covering topics of faith and culture from a biblical perspective, through a historical lens, the podcast is designed to inspire you to ask better questions, go deeper in faith, and defend your beliefs with both grace and logic.

Featured Episode: Legalism

Season 1, Episode 6

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  • In this final episode of the canon series I answer your burning questions on topics I didn't get to during the last ten episodes! We cover things like paraphases and the Passion Translation, the Book of Enoch, chronological order and much more.
  • Where do you begin with bible study? What if you've never studied it for yourself? This episode breaks down some starter tips, hacks, and processes for getting the most out of your study time!
  • The King James Version has been well-loved for over 400 years. But is it the ONLY Bible version we can read? This episode breaks down the history of how the KJV was commissioned, what went into its translation, the Textus Receptus, and how to talk to friends who believe the KJV is the only way.
  • How does translation work? Are some translations better than others? And how did we get the English bible we have today? All this and more in this episode!
  • Ever wonder why the Catholic Bible has more books than Protestant versions? This episode will answer that question and many more! What Protestants call “the Apocrypha” (and Catholics call the deuterocanon) is a group of books that have caused much debate over the last few centuries! We will talk about where these books came from, why they are so controversial, and some little known facts about how they ended up in and out of Bibles over time. Short addendum about Gnostic gospels at the end!

About Your Host

Phylicia Masonheimer is a best-selling author, speaker, and founder of Every Woman a Theologian. She teaches strong-hearted women how to follow Christ’s call in work, home, and the world.

She writes about the Bible, productivity, and sexuality on her website, and her latest book is entitled Stop Calling Me Beautiful: Finding Soul-Deep Strength in a Skin-Deep World.

She lives with her husband and two daughters in northern Michigan.

The Verity Podcast

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