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The Verity podcast is hosted by author, speaker, and public theologian Phylicia Masonheimer. Covering topics of faith and culture from a biblical perspective through a historical lens, the podcast is designed to inspire you to ask better questions, go deeper in your faith, and defend your beliefs with both grace and logic.

Featured Episode: Legalism

Season 1, Episode 6

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  • The early church faced a lot of heresies in their first 500 years. Arianism, Gnosticism, and Docetism threatened the church's teaching and forced them to refine their teaching to match the gospel. In this episode, you'll journey through three major creeds and five major councils!
  • Dive into the history of the church as we look at the culture, governments, historical events and social shifts that shaped its first 500 years!   The parallels between the church of the second and third centuries and the global church today give us a glimpse of how we can live as Christians of conviction in a pagan world.
  • We are starting a new series this week! After a break to rest and study, Phylicia is back with a new church history series. In this introduction episode she discusses why we need history, specifically church history, and how studying it impacts our present day lives.
  • In this week's special edition episode, we have the Ask Anything LIVE panel from Verity Conference 2023 featuring Joel Muddamalle, Lisa Whittle, and Phylicia Masonheimer emceed by Johnny Whitcomb. Listen in as they answer questions like How do you establish appropriate boundaries? What is the best way to train up theologically sound leaders? And even find out Phylicia's take on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.  Stay up to date for the release of the entire Verity Conference session recordings and listen at your own pace by joining our email community at Special thanks to our sponsors Logos, Compassion, Viable Options, Samaritan's Purse, Dwell Differently, Crossway, the Old Testament Handbook by CSB Bible, TAG Coffee, and Vilah Bloom.
  • In this episode Phylicia breaks down the Levitical laws about purification after childbirth and answers the hard question of whether boys and girls were equal to God.

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Phylicia Masonheimer is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, and host of the Verity podcast. Her blog and shop, Every Woman a Theologian, exist to teach Christians how to know what they believe and live that out boldly. She is author of the nationally bestselling books Stop Calling Me Beautiful (2020) and The Flirtation Experiment (2021). She lives in Michigan with her husband and three children.

The Verity Podcast

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