Every Woman is a Theologian

That’s why we exist.

Theology, by definition, is the study of the nature of God. When we think of a theologian our minds go to tweed suits and Oxford libraries, but we’d argue for a different kind: the kind of theologian who drives to her corporate job every morning, who knows what it’s like to be single at thirty, or who juggles babies while her husband travels for work.

Yes: we believe every woman should be a theologian. Every woman should be a student of the heart of God.

On this site and on our social media, we teach you how to become that student and continue your biblical education, one step at a time.

A Note from Phylicia

I grew up in a Christian home. I knew all the Christianese, but I didn’t know why I believed it – or how it applied to my life. It wasn’t until college (I have a B.S. in Religion) that I realized what the gospel was meant to do. The gospel is meant to transform how we view the world: How we think, act, date, love, work, marry, and parent. Following Christ is a daily forward motion into the heart of God. As my walk with God deepened, I sought answers to the tough questions my millennial peers were asking. These questions were about everything: alcohol, dating, marriage, sex, and politics, and I wrote about what I found. And through a secret struggle with lust, I came to understand I was only as safe from sin as I was close to Christ. Today, I’m still finding biblical answers to cultural questions. 

My goal as a teacher? To teach you how to discern truth, know what (and Who) you believe, and live your faith boldly in a post-Christian world.


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We’re a small close-knit team that works together every day– it’s always been our goal to serve the people in this community to the best of our ability, through the products and content that we create. We hope we’re doing that well and that it blesses you!


Phylicia Masonheimer is an author, speaker, and founder of Every Woman a Theologian. She lives on a small farm in northern Michigan with her husband, Josh, and their three children.


Josh Masonheimer is a former operations manager with an engineering degree from Liberty University, Josh handles the logistics of the company. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey and building LEGOs with the girls.


Eric Novak is an author, serial entrepreneur, and the Creative Director for Every Woman a Theologian.

Executive Assistant

Hannah Novak is the Executive Assistant to Phy and helps head up marketing and community events at Every Woman a Theologian.

Lauren | Editor

Lauren is a writer, an editor, and a wife to Matthew. She writes at lauren-bowerman.com about how God’s grace and goodness has met her in seasons of grief, doubt, and infertility.

Set director

Mikayla is Every Woman a Theologian’s set director. Her passion for people and celebrations makes every shoot amazing. She loves watching Great Lakes freighters, coffee shop chats, and her cat Minnesota.

Facebook Manager

Daeun spends her days making latte art as a barista, going on hikes with her husband Johnny and their 80lb bernedoodle, and creating content for EWAT’s Facebook page, all while pursuing her Master’s in Counseling.

More about OUR CEO

Phy Masonheimer

To be Christians who live and love well in a post-Christian world, we must know why we believe what we believe. I realized this right before college when a friend of mine began exploring atheism. As I read the books he was reading, it became increasingly apparent that simple, pat answers about Christianity just wouldn’t work. I had to know why I believed what I believed. And I had to know why I could trust the Bible.

Years, and a religion degree, later, that journey led me to found Every Woman a Theologian. Our mission is to teach Christians to know why they believe what they do – and not just to know their own viewpoint but to engage well with the views of others.

Through online resources, courses, print books, and classes Every Woman a Theologian equips Christians to know the fundamentals of Christian doctrine and how to explore the differences of practice within Christianity. This diversity equips us to engage with other believers and our world! And while theology can quickly be burdened with pride and dissension, we believe true Christian theology will be led by grace – just like the gospel.

My denominational background is charismatic, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, and nondenominational, and my heart is to unite all Christian denominations around the core tenets of the faith. My experience as a member or attendee of almost a dozen denominations equipped me to bridge the knowledge gap between Christian traditions. My stance on salvation theology is Wesleyan, but my readership is made up of all Christian traditions.

I am author of the nationally bestselling books Stop Calling Me Beautiful (2020) and The Flirtation Experiment (2021), host of Verity Podcast (reached 1 million downloads in Nov. 2021), and CEO of Every Woman a Theologian. I live in northern Michigan with my husband, Josh, and three children (Adeline, Geneva and Ivan). When I am not writing books or poems, I’m homeschooling, gardening, or playing with my three sweet goats, Amethyst, Penny and Brandy.

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“When I joined Every Woman a Theologian, I didn’t realize that many women were struggling with the same spiritual struggles I was experiencing on a daily basis. Phylicia really enlightened me and being part of her community has brought me closer to Jesus and my family!” -Tiffany H.

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