Advent & Loss

Navigating Death with Children

Dear friend,

If you’re experiencing loss this advent season, this email course from our Creative Director, Eric Novak is something you need to sign up for.

This 7-day email course designed to guide adults through the challenging process of discussing death and loss with children. This heartfelt series offers a dual approach: providing insightful readings for adults and actionable steps for communicating with children about grief. It emphasizes the importance of acknowledging loss, expressing emotions, and finding solace in spiritual beliefs.

Each day focuses on a specific theme, starting with the acceptance of talking about death, to understanding the Christian perspective of death and resurrection during the Advent season. The course blends personal reflections, biblical insights, and practical advice to help parents and guardians navigate their own grief while supporting their children. It includes resources such as links to songs and articles to deepen the understanding and provide comfort.

This email series is more than just guidelines; it’s a journey towards healing, offering a safe space to explore grief, find hope in Christian beliefs, and understand the transformative power of Jesus’ message. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest times, there’s a community and faith that can offer support and hope.

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