the right prevail

A Theological Advent Series

Dear friend,

Advent looks forward to the victorious overcoming of Christ.

These days we celebrate Advent and Christmas to commemorate Christ’s first coming, but when Advent first began, it celebrated His second coming. As we look back to the baby in the manger, we must not forget the victorious King. As beautiful as Bethlehem was, this “weary world rejoices” not just because of that day, but because of the coming restoration. 

“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep / The wrong shall fail, the right prevail” wrote Henry Longfellow.

So how do we understand Advent theologically, when it feels like wrong doesn’t fail… and God is sleeping? We look to the victorious reality of Christ’s everyday presence. This Advent series will encourage you to walk in the power of the Spirit every day, to hope in Christ when a world seems hopeless, and to fix your eyes on the right that prevails.

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