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Many Christians attempt to read through the Bible in a year. When I asked my readers why they were unable to accomplish this goal, the answers fell in the same three categories: lack of consistency, lack of accountability, and lack of community.

Every Woman a Theologian exists to equip women and families to go deeper in their faith so they can effectively live as lights to the world. In an age of skepticism, we need to know Scripture well! And since being in Scripture is so vital to our growth and maturity, the discipline of daily study will always be worth our time.

There are many Bible reading plans you can follow (here are five!) but the missing element of structure and community makes it hard for some people to follow through. This new program offers not just the plan, but learning helps and the vibrant Every Woman a Theologian community to read alongside you for $15 a month.

2023 was our first year offering this program and I spent 110+ hours creating content, videos, and finding extra resources for our students this time around, and hundreds of people are finishing the Bible (many for the first time!) at the end of the year! I am so excited to relaunch with a new group and add even MORE to the course.

Here is What BIble in a Year Entails
  • It is a SUBSCRIPTION based program. If you end your subscription, you lose access to the course. It is designed for the entire group to stay on pace with each other for community, hence the subscription based model (if you wish for a self paced program, Bible Recap may be better!)
  • BYC is focused on building the HABITS necessary to follow through on diligent Bible reading. Often the issue is not the Bible itself; it’s a lack of training on habit formation, consistency, and discipline, paired with a perfectionistic mindset. This program will teach you to let go of perfectionism and find consistency!
  • We use Teachable as the hub of course content. There is an app for iPhone users (not Android) and while there is a discussion option in the app, most of us use a Facebook group for discussion. The accountability and community aspect are fundamental to success!
  • Each week you receive the week’s reading plan, a summary of the upcoming content, tips for studying according to your learning style, and a list of optional additional resources (videos, podcasts, sermons, articles, maps) to aid your study.
  • (New!) Checkboxes for reading and an integrated response box where you can type out your takeaways for the week. Discussion will still primarily be on Facebook but there is an option in the app as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we join at any time?

Unfortunately no, you must join during open registration the last week of December.

How much time does it take a day?
That’s up to you and your study style. I instruct you on how to manage the reading plan in the first module, which is essential to the success of the course. Typically people read 15-30 minutes a day if they are taking notes. Others do deep study 2-3x a week and listen on audio the other days.
I’ve failed in Bible reading plans before. Can I succeed in this one?
That’s up to you! I will give you the tools and habit formation teaching to help you, but you must take me up on them! The KEY to succeeding at this plan is stop trying to “catch up” when you miss a day and simply start where we are. Start on the day’s reading and listen on audio to “catch up” later. You must let go of perfectionism to finish the Bible in a year. If you are ready to do that, this plan is for you!
What is required of me in the daily reading?
Nothing except reading the passage! You can go as deep as you want or have time for. The extra resources are there to support you if you have additional questions. The weekly PDF and video set the tone at the beginning of the week, and you can refer back to them as needed. The Facebook group supplies community and there are check ins throughout the week so you can comment when you’ve done the reading.
How much does it cost to be a part of the Bible in a Year Subscription?

The monthly cost is $15.00. We offer monthly payment options or pay in full options for the whole year.

If I unsubscribe can I keep the reading plan?
No, the plan and resources are part of the program. If you unsubscribe you lose access to the plan and resources. But there are many free plans available through places like YouVersion if you wish to do one on your own!
Can I get a scholarship?

There are a limited number of scholarships avalible to BYC if you are in a financial difficult time. Please contact us at our help page to inquire about a scholarship.

""If you are on the fence about joining Bible in a Year Club, I pray you will join! It has been the most fruitful experience of my life and I know it will be amazing for you too! Reading the Bible used to seem daunting, but now I can't get enough. Reading the Bible chronologically with Phylicia helped me understand how all the Bible stories we always hear go together. I sincerely feel like I know God better and my faith keeps growing! How cool is that?! And the grace, wow there is so much grace in this group."

"BYC helped me read through the Bible for the first time ever. I was able to develop a routine that led to dedicated time with the Lord at the start of my day. The downloadable PDFs, extra resources, and instruction from Phylicia really enhanced my understanding of what I was reading. Looking forward to doing it again!"

"BYC is a place of grace-filled encouragement to prioritize the Word in a committed but non-legalistic way. I loved how this approach helped me stay on track all year. Getting the big picture of God's love for His people through the centuries has strengthened my faith in amazing ways. So glad I decided to do it"

More Reviews
From BYC 2023 Members

“If you are on the fence about joining Bible in a Year Club, I pray you will join! It has been the most fruitful experience of my life and I know it will be amazing for you too! Reading the Bible used to seem daunting, but now I can’t get enough. Reading the Bible chronologically with Phylicia helped me understand how all the Bible stories we always hear go together. I sincerely feel like I know God better and my faith keeps growing! How cool is that?! And the grace, wow there is so much grace in this group.”

“The Bible in a Year Club is one of the first year-long reading plans that I have really stuck with. It was my first time reading chronologically, which really helped cement the arc of the Bible into my mind. Also, the additional resources provided were incredibly helpful for the more complex passages. If you are looking to add structure and a deeper understanding of God to your Bible Study time, the Bible in a Year Club is a fantastic place to start.”

“This course was incredibly helpful with accountability and bible study resources. Highly recommend!”

“BYC is 10 out of 10 recommended. It was so eye opening to read the bible chronologically and see how the entirety of the redemption story plays out. As someone who grew up in the church, and has read the entire bible, I learned SO much through understanding the timeline of the bible. It’s so easy to read the same passages over and over again but getting to read the chapters/books that I don’t typically flip to really stretched me in the best way possible and read it in the order of events was so helpful. The resources that Phylicia provides is always super helpful to dig deeper in the passages that may be hard to understand. It was a well worth investment that I’m sure to see fruit from for years on end.”

“I loved this program! I’ve never been as consistent with my Bible reading as I have been with BYC! The weekly resources were so helpful and I loved the accountability group on Facebook. I highly recommend BYC!”

“This program is beautiful. The accountability, encouragement, and GRACE offered as we imperfectly worked our way through the Bible have instilled a love for God’s Word and a desire to read it daily in my heart and soul that I hope will never fade.”

“Bible in a Year Club simplified and focused my spiritual formation during my last trimester of pregnancy and postpartum when I could have so easily lost my footing in the whirlwind of new motherhood. I was encouraged to know that I could always come back to the Word of God and that my devotion was to Him alone, not to a reading plan or checklist.”

“BYC is an amazing course for reading through the Bible in a year! It is worth every penny. I learned so much about How to get the most out of my Bible study. Phylicia shared so many helpful tips and insight. Also so many great resources. If you are considering it, just do it, you won’t regret it!!! Thank you, Phylicia!”

“BYC has helped me to understand what I am reading when I pick up the Bible. Before this course I would read the words but not understand. Now I am looking into how to dive deeper at a slower pace to really understand God’s word and the resources have been so helpful. I’m thankful for this course because I was able to stick with it and understand the big picture of the Bible. Thank you for teaching me how to be consistent in Gods word and that it’s not an impossible task to study scripture everyday.”

“It’s hard for me to put in writing just how much I have enjoyed BYC, and how life changing it was for me. My friends around me have been hearing in person just how much I have enjoyed the chronological year through the Bible and I can not recommend it enough. I learned a new way to approach my study of the Bible (learning styles was eye opening), I dug deeper into theology, learned to let go of perfection, and finally completed the entire Bible in one year. Reading through the scriptures in chronological order was so beneficial to me and I have such a better understanding of the Bible. I was encouraged to approach the scriptures to glean what they were teaching me about GOD, and it changed my experience with reading the Old Testament. Instead of reading lots of older laws that confused me, my eyes were opened so much to Gods character and what each of those books and sections are revealing about who He is. I have thoroughly enjoyed BYC and I can’t wait to start again in January, and not because I didn’t finish this year like in years past! Simply because I can’t wait to dig deeper and learn more.”

“If you are looking for more context information in a yearly bible reading plan, this is what you need. Phy helps us learn our learning style, try out others, and guides us to be rooted in what the text was written from. This is the most helpful study that I stuck to from January to December.”

“BYC was terrific! I’m so glad I chose to do it. I’ve read the Bible through previously but this helped me grow so much! The weekly video from Phylicia and the extra resources were so beneficial! The FB community was a great asset too! I will be doing this again next year!”

“If you’ve ever wanted to read the Bible in a year, but it seemed too overwhelming, I couldn’t recommend the Bible in a year club more. Phylicia has created a not only a reading plan that moves just at the right pace, but she provides so many extra resources that help deepen your understanding of the scriptures and develop a consistent desire to dig way deeper than just reading the passages. The study tips, along with her weekly videos and pdfs were so helpful in learning how to actually study the Bible. I have read the Bible in a year before, but this year my love and understanding of scripture and of God have grown like never before. Reading and studying the Bible in a year helped me draw closer to God, made me want to learn even more and helped me create a daily, consistent morning routine and wake up each morning craving that time in His word. If you’re considering joining the club, do it!”

“BYC was one of the best resources and habit forming programs that I have ever used. The material was organized and engaging. The different levels of participation are particularly helpful if you are in different seasons of life. The extra resources were probably the best part and the part worth paying for in this study. It allows for further study, but it also exposes you to different denominational view points. It is definitely worth your investment.”

“I really enjoyed doing BYC. I feel it was worth the subscription and would do it again.”

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