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Christmas and Santa Claus

Dear friend,

You want to observe Christmas without Santa, but are worried about losing the “magic.” I hear you!

 I have three kids, eight, six, and three. And that’s right! We are one of “those” families. Our kids have known Santa Claus (as presented by mainstream society) is not real since their first few Christmases. Whenever I share this, reactions range from shock to disgust to curiosity. Shock, because how could we take away the magic? Disgust, because some parents are terrified our children will tell others that Santa Claus isn’t real. And curiosity, because a family who celebrates Christmas without Santa Claus is an anomaly.  

This little guide is not meant to convince you against Santa (we will get into his history in the guide!) but to debunk the myth that Christmas is only magical if Santa is central to the holiday. If you’re questioning the role Santa played in your own childhood traditions, if you’re curious how families celebrate Christmas without “believing” in him, or if you’re trying to figure out holidays in your own family, this short guide will provide some things to think about. 

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