The Path to Your first

Young Living Referral

You love oils, but sharing about them is intimidating.

This free email course will take the intimidation out of the essential oils business.


Every Young Living business person started out the same way: One referral. One person who bought the starter kit and fell just as in love with essential oils as the person who shared them! If you love oils and are thinking about “doing the business”, or if you simply want some tips for talking Young Living with your family and friends, this free course is for you.

The course consists of ten emails, each teaching you a different step to sharing authentically about oils:

  • How to overcome fear
  • How to handle rejection
  • How to share well on social media
  • How to be authentically yourself
  • What to do with new enrollments

And more!

I hope this email course is an encouragement to you. I hope it shows you that sharing about oils can be as authentic, classy, and genuine as you are!

Join the course below!


The oils business can be as

authentic, classy, and genuine

as you are.


“Phylicia has BEEN AN AMAZING BLESSING TO ME. I’ve been reading the blog for four years now, and have always been blessed… THE MOST helpful advice.”

-Toni F.

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