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Every Woman is a Theologian

Dear friend,

Every woman is a theologian.

That’s why we exist.

Theology is, by definition, the study of the nature of God. When we think of a theologian our minds often go to tweed suits and Oxford libraries, but we at EWAT argue for a different kind of theologian: the theologian who drives to her corporate job every morning, who knows what it’s like to be single at thirty, or who juggles babies while her husband travels for work.

Yes, we believe every woman should be a theologian. Every woman should be a student of the heart of God.

In this Everyday Theology starter pack, we’ve collected all our best Every Woman A Theologian resources to help you on your journey.

Within this collection, you’ll find: 

  • a comprehensive Glossary of Theological Terms
  • a chapter from the inspiring book “Raising Tiny Disciples: Actual Advice to Enjoy the Process and Enjoy Your Kids,”
  • a chapter from “Seasonal Celebrations: Your Guide to Celebrating the Gospel through Church Holidays,”
  • a sample from “Every Woman a Theologian: Know What You Believe. Live it Confidently. Communicate it Graciously.”

Embrace the theologian within you, and embark on this incredible journey of discovering the heart of God.

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