embrace your body's feminine design with the

7-Day Guide to Flourishing in Your Cycle

Dear friend,

There is hope for a monthly cycle defined by peace, not pain.

For years I had debilitating cramps, terrible PMS anxiety, and irregular cycles. Though I still face some of these symptoms, I’ve learned much about my body’s design and how to support it each month. What’s more, I learned how to walk through my monthly cycle spiritually.

There are resources for Christian pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, and loss, but what about for… periods? It’s something we deal with every month. It comes with an emotional roller coaster. Is there a way to navigate a period spiritually without ignoring the physical realities of a broken world?

We think so. I, Phylicia Masonheimer, and Rebecca Vavilov, a board certified doctor of natural health and Ph.D in Natural Medicine, put together this free ebook to encourage:

– Understanding of your physiological design and how God meant it to function

– Appreciation for the body you’ve been given, even with its flaws

– Spiritual strength and intimacy with God even during emotionally vulnerable seasons

– Support for your health as you walk through your cycle each month!


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