Raising Tiny Disciples

Mealtime Discipleship

Dear friend,

Don’t miss the most valuable time with your children!

One of the best times to teach the gospel to our kids is when we’re sitting down to eat. I don’t know a kid alive who will let you forget about mealtime – food is a love language! And since most of us eat three times a day, that’s three possible times to disciple our children in the truth of Scripture.

Mealtime has become one of my favorite times to teach my girls (ages 3 and 5) the virtues of the Christian life, basic theology, memory verses and more. In just a few minutes we can have discussions about huge theological topics as my kids ask questions I never knew their little minds could process! Your kids, too, have questions about the world, God, and the gospel – and dinner is a great time to answer them! Following are some tried and true tips from our home teaching you how to start mealtime discipleship in a way that works for your family.

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