Starter Course

Theology Basics

Dear friend,

Are you overwhelmed by theology resources?

Feel like you need a starter course before jumping in?

You’re in the right place!

Theology Basics email course touches on just a FEW of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. Each day you’ll get an email containing:

– a theological principle about God, man, or salvation
– thought provoking questions
– links for further reading
– an overview of theology terms

I designed this free course to give you a small taste of the richness that is Christian theology, and I hope it gives you an appetite for more!

Those who join the email course receive an email a day for 10 days + my weekly newsletter, The Conlectio, containing exclusive access to shop launches, announcements, and private devotionals from me.

“Phylicia is a rare, balanced, theologian. As someone who is reformed, I appreciate that Phy teaches directly from the Bible, even when it’s uncomfortable, and builds bridges using God’s truth as her guide. Learning from her is always enjoyable.”

-Eric N.