Does Your Marriage

Need a Checkup?

Hey friend!

Unity in marriage doesn’t happen by accident.

Josh and I have to be SO intentional to stay on the same page in parenting, finances, chores, business, and our spiritual lives. While counseling has been an enormous help, we have to do the work between counseling appointments! That’s how we developed our “weekly project meeting”. Every Sunday, we meet to discuss the week, go over our priorities, and check in with each other.

It includes:

  • A series of questions to ask one another to check in on different spheres of your life together
  • Space for journaling your answers
  • Questions that address your upcoming calendar appointments, home projects, parenting, finances and budget, sex life, and spiritual life
  • Encouragement to pray for one another
  • Can be re-printed as needed for each weekly meeting!

The best part is

It’s totally free.

I’m excited to welcome you to the community!

“Phylicia has BEEN AN AMAZING BLESSING TO ME. I’ve been reading the blog for four years now, and have always been blessed.”

-Toni F.

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