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Bible Study Workshop!

Do you feel overwhelmed with taking notes in your bible study?

This workshop walks through my simple, sustainable system for bible study.

It’s a system that has lasted me more than seven years, through seasons of singleness, full time work, college and wedding planning, to days of small babies and running a business while homeschooling a kindergartener. Whatever your season or age, this system can be customized to you and your life!

In the hour together we will walk through:

  • How to determine genre of literature and how that changes your study
  • How to identity themes and key words, and what to do with them
  • Effective note taking strategies
  • How to integrate prayer into your study time
  • Tips for keeping attention during your time
  • The purpose of commentaries and supplemental materials
  • Interactive breakdown of a bible passage during your time on the call!

Let's Do this!

 welcome to the community!

“Phylicia has BEEN AN AMAZING BLESSING TO ME. I’ve been reading the blog for four years now, and have always been blessed.”

-Toni F.

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