5 Things God and Coffee Have in Common

Christian Womanhood

My friend Leigh and I sustain a mutual coffee addiction of obnoxious proportions.

We celebrate cold brewing at home. We talk about french presses versus percolators. We send each other pictures of coffee.

Pictures. Of coffee.

We firmly believe that coffee counts as a vegetable, because it grows on a plant. (Okay, a tree, but it’s in the vegetative family.)

The day we found the article that said coffee was the best pre-workout beverage… we almost sang the Hallelujah Chorus together.

So really, we share two life priorities: Jesus, and coffee. As I was having my devotions with pour-over Chemex-brewed cinnamon-and-orange-peel decorated beverage in hand, it dawned on me: the Creator of coffee actually has a lot in common with this beautiful drink. And it makes perfect sense, considering how positively divine coffee is.

1. God and coffee are always there in the morning.

Every morning I am comforted by the presence of God and His willingness to meet with me and teach me about Himself. And nothing makes devotions even more satisfying than to have coffee there too!  I will admit that during periods where I was struggling to maintain a consistent quiet time, coffee motivated me to sit down and make it happen! Mornings are my favorite time of day, but I sometimes struggle to actually get out of bed. Coffee motivates me to get up and meet with the Lord in the pretty hours of the day. It’s always there – just like God.

Well, God is there regardless of whether I go to the grocery store and get coffee; but I very rarely forget.

2. God and coffee are faithful to their promises.

Coffee promises to give you a jolt of caffeine, unless of course you buy decaf.

Why would you do that?

God promises to sustain us, love us, provide for us, redeem us – and He always comes through. Sometimes it takes longer than we hope… kind of like those Mondays when we have to drink two or THREE cups of coffee before we really wake up. But in the end, it’s worth it!

3. God and coffee wake you up.

Coffee and a morning work out always wake me up from stumbling around the house. A lot of times, I need to be woken up from the stupor of the night’s sleep. I need my eyes opened to the day and what is ahead. Coffee does that.

God wakes us up out of our sinful stupor and gives us new eyes to look at the world. He helps us see where we are wrong or blind, weak or failing, and gives us the strength to face those challenges and the grace to change.

Maybe coffee is one of His means of helping us grow in grace. I’ve wondered about that sometimes. In fact, it is worthy to note that coffee gets its flavor by being roasted under heat, just as we grow in grace under the pressure of trials. Coffee is more flavorful with roasting; we are more gracious with tribulation. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

4. God and coffee always love you.

Coffee is like having a dog. It never complains, it always smiles, it makes you smile, and it always loves you. Plus, it smells better than a dog.

Hence why I have coffee, and not a dog.

Coffee is not only patient, it can help you be patient! It not only is friendly, but it can be a part of friendship! Coffee is a lovely thing.

God also loves us unconditionally. He has a warm heart for His children and smiles upon us when we obey and love Him back. He is patient with us and empowers us to do good. I believe He gave us coffee as just a little inkling of His love on earth.

5. God made coffee, so coffee must be divine.

They say that man has a small piece of the Divine in him, since he is created in God’s image. I wonder – perhaps coffee does too.

All of the earth has God’s fingerprint upon it, but I think there’s a more distinct print on the coffee bean. It tastes heavenly (unless of course, you’re drinking Folgers. Folgers is red, which is the color of Hell). Coffee reflects the hand of a good and loving Creator. Every morning when I drink it, I truly think about Him! It’s the perfect companion to devotions, whether you drink it black or sweetened with sugar (I could write a post about the things God and sugar have in common, but I think it might be redundant).

I remember the time Mr. M told me he was quitting coffee. He thought it would be ‘good for his health’. I cited every article I had uncovered concerning the health benefits of moderate coffee drinking (Mr. M: “What do you know about moderation?” N0 comment.) to no avail. Left in the wreckage of flawed logic, I laid down the trump card:

“Quitting coffee is like quitting Jesus.”

I’m not sure he agrees, but as for me – I’m confident the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will include an espresso bar.

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