Five Views of Biblical Creation

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In this highly requested episode, Phylicia offers a high-level overview of the five primary theories regarding the creation of the world and the synthesis of science and Scripture. Utilizing sources from each view, we look at the arguments for and against some of these theories:

  • young earth creationism
  • literary framework theory
  • gap theory
  • old earth creationism
  • theistic evolution

We attach a lot of emotion to the topic of creation theories. Sometimes this is because it’s a view we were always raised with and questioning or challenging it feels like breaking apart faith itself. Remember: challenging our worldview doesn’t mean we necessarily walk away from our viewpoint. It forces us to be honest about what we believe and understand the questions skeptics are asking – even skeptics who are fellow Christians. Another reason we get emotional about creation theories is because we feel like too much is riding on the topic. We believe the bible is at risk, or maybe science is at risk, if we engage with a different view. 

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