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Hey friend!

Homeschooling can feel overwhelming at first.

In 2020, my mom (a 25 year homeschool veteran) and I taught a live class for families interested in homeschooling in our community. We then took that class online for a two week mentorship! This free PDF guide is the compilation of notes from those events. While it is by no means conclusive (and leans toward homeschooling elementary ages) it is full of resources for those interested in homeschooling but unsure where to start.

It includes:

  • An overview of homeschool styles and how to choose yours
  • The importance of home routines and how to implement them for ease of education
  • Why your kids should be doing chores and how to choose chores appropriate to their age
  • Websites and resources for learning more about homeschool education
  • A little about choosing curriculum
  • Links to some of our favorite books and follows!

The best part is

It’s totally free.

I’m excited to welcome you to the community!

“Phylicia has BEEN AN AMAZING BLESSING TO ME. I’ve been reading the blog for four years now, and have always been blessed.”

-Toni F.

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