Every Woman is a Theologian

Our Policy on Giving

Every Woman a Theologian is a for-profit company that supports many families and causes through your purchases. We always want to be transparent about our giving and where your money goes, so we’ll update this page as often as we are able!


To date, we have donated $3,540 to Compassion, and private GoFundMe campaigns.


In 2023, we donated $21,391.22 to Compassion, SFG Ukraine, CME Ukraine, Open Hearts for Orphans, Embrace Grace, Genesis Church, God Behind Bars, Intervarsity Charity, Full Collective, Hawaii Fire Relief, and GoFundMe.


In 2022 we donated a total of $18,612.27 to Genesis Church, Compassion, SFG Ukraine, CME Ukraine,
Open Hearts for Orphans, and Embrace Grace

Winter 2021

We donated $3,586.88 to Open Hearts for Orphans.

Fall 2021

We donated 5% of all shop profits to Afghanistan relief funds. We also donated the profits from our Good Church Stories Table Cards to Northern Michigan church benevolent funds:

Afghanistan Relief Funds

Organization: Help The Persecuted
Website: htp.org
Amount Donated: $4,647

Church Benevolent Funds

Organization: Genesis Petoskey
Website: genesispetoskey.com
Amount Donated: $769.00

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