Reframing the “Princess” Mentality

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I prefer the word “queen” over “princess”; there’s an implied difference of maturity between the two. This week on the Uniquely Woman podcast, Lisa and I take on why the Christian, “I’m God’s Princess” mentality often leads to unholy behavior and discontent. We offer a few suggestions to move from a self-centered focus on life to a God-centered focus.

Show Notes

 What is the princess mentality?

A truth exaggerated for selfish purposes, often promoted in Christian circles as an alternative to secular feminism’s women’s empowerment.

What is the problem with the princess mentality?

The princess mentality uses God to validate yourself. God didn’t save you to feel good about yourself; He saved you for a purpose.

What’s the solution for the princess mentality?

(Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is our example here.) Knowing our identity in Christ should motivate us to live a life set apart, not a life for ourselves.


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