good writers are made, not born.

Welcome to MadeWrite

Dear friend,

I always wanted to be a writer. You too?

As soon as I could spell I was stapling paper into little folded “books”. I joined poetry competitions as a teen, wrote for the university blog in college, and created e-zines, blogs, and articles by the dozens with my peers. You could say writing was in my blood. But I quickly learned that good writers aren’t born – they are made. They are the product of voracious reading, diligent practice, and consistent study of what makes good writing good.

As a nonfiction writer I believe my best writing is birthed from my understanding of how God designed me. I am His image, made rightly and with goodness, and such knowledge inspires me to excellence in the craft. I am made “right”, good, loved by the Lord, so I write like I was made: to reflect the image of God.

Most future writers think the “big break” is getting a traditional publisher to look at your work. I don’t agree. While traditional publishers are wonderful, and I have a nationally bestselling book through one, I was self-publishing my work long before I had that contract. I was providing for my family through my writing without an agent, book contract, or expensive retreat. These things eventually became a part of my career, but they are not how I started.

MadeWrite teaches you how to think outside the box as a writer: how to not just write well, but to market well and think innovatively about your writing career.


What does MadeWrite include?

  • Free, weekly emails teaching you my best tips for writing and the writer’s mindset
  • Tips to teach you how to not just write material but to market it effectively and well
  • Guidance on niching down (an essential in a book-saturated world)
  • Links (via email) to my favorite writing resources
  • First chance to join the launch of the Beginner MadeWrite course and Intermediate MadeWrite Mentorship (coming Fall 2021)
  • First chance to join the three monthly Voxer slots for one-on-one writing mentorship (coming September)

to write is to

Take a stand.

Discover what you stand for.

“Words can’t describe how much your work has created in me a zeal and a passion, and endurance, to keep going… Thank you.”

– EWAT Reader, 2021

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