Christmastide Celebration Printable


Advent is a special time of year, but did you know that the celebration has traditionally continued from Christmas to January 6th?

Continue the celebration with your family, by using these beautiful cards to participate in age-old traditions of the church.

Each card may contain a brief 1-2 minute description of the Christmastide day, liturgical verses to read aloud, and a family activity QR code to scan. Print at home or at your local office store!

• 13 beautiful printable cards
• QR codes to scan for family activities
• Does NOT include card holder or bag
• Starts December 25th
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Behind the design with Phy:

Continue celebrating the advent season through Christmas, until January 6th. Each card is easy to read, with a family activity that can be scanned on your phone!

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Free shipping on ALL orders over $80!

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